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Low Power oriented Hardware dependent Software Implementation in MPSoC Architectures

Auteur(s) : L. Kriaa, A. Houari, M. Gligor, A. Bouchhima, F. Pétrot

Doc. Source: North-East Workshop on Circuirs and Systems (NEWCAS’07)

Publisher : IEEE

Pages : 49

This paper proposes a methodology for power aware hardware dependent software (HdS) generation for MPSoC architectures. The main contributions of this work are (1) a layered “power API” structure that spans across multiple HdS layers and (2) a power aware HdS generation flow that produces customized HdS implementation according to the application energy requirements and the platform power management capabilities. The major benefit of this methodology is to decouple the high level energy management strategies from the specific low level hardware implementation details, without sacrifying implementation efficiency.