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SystemC'mantic1: A high level modeling and Co-design Framework for Reconfigurable Real Time Systems

Auteur(s) : L. Kriaa, S. Adriano, E. Vaumorin, R. Nouacer, F. Blanc, S. Pajaniradja, P. Coussy, E. Martin, D. Heller, F. Tabet

Doc. Source: Forum on specificiation and Design Languages (FDL'05)

Publisher : ECSI

Pages : 341-352

This paper presents the tools and solutions developed through the SystemC'mantic project, which aims to reduce the design cycle of Telecom and Multimedia applications. This goal is achieved by automating the tasks devoted to design engineers when they want to move from a functional description of the application, downto a transactional (TLM2) model or RTL model for some IPs. SystemC'mantic helps to build the candidate architectures by handling the heterogeneity of the available IP blocks and managing the mapping of the functional application on the target architecture, the generation of level adapters, the high level synthesis, the generation of code for DSP and the management of the re-configurability of systems.