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Prof. Ali SHAKOURI, University of California at Santa Cruz

Theme: Nanoscale Devices for Nanoscale Devices for Opto Thermo Electronic Energy Conversion
Date: le jeudi 9 octobre 2003, 11 h, Salle Polyvalente de l’INPG


Ali Shakouri received his undergraduate degrees at University of Paris 7 and at ENST Paris and his PhD from California Institute of Technology in 1988, 1990 & 1995 respectively. He is currently Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at University of California Santa Cruz and director of ONR MURI Thermionic Energy Conversion Center. His research is on mutual interaction of heat, light & electricity in nanoscale & microscale devices.


Nanoscale engineering of materials allows modification of optoelectronic & thermoelectric properties. Applications in which SiGe superlattices are used to make micro refrigerator on a chip are described. Localized cooling by approximately 7C at 100C ambient temperature with devices ranging in size from 10-150µm has been achieved. Cooling power density exceeding 500W/cm2 & transient response on the order of 20-40µs have been demonstrated. In order to measure temperature in IC chips, visible and near IR thermo-reflectance have been developed. These allow topside and through the substrate thermal mapping with 0.1°C temperature resolution & 1-3µm spatial resolution. Activities at the recently created multi university Thermionic Energy Conversion Center will also be described. Here the goal is to use solid state embedded quantum dot superlattices and vacuum emitters to improve direct thermal to electric energy conversion system at a hotside temperature of 300-650C. Other research projects at UCSC Quantum Electronics Group dealing with nanowire heat transfer characterization, self heating in electroabsorption modulators, diffraction-limited imaging, electron vorticities in semiconductor devices & micro ring based tunable lasers will be briefly introduced.