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Prof. Mark C. REED, Principal Researcher NICTA/ Adj. Assoc. Prof. Australian National University (ANU), Canberra

Theme: WCDMA Femtocell Research: Challenges with real-time FPGA realization
Date: May 31st, 2010 (Monday), 14h30, TIMA Laboratory, room T312.


Dr. Mark REED is a leading researcher and engineer in the area of WCDMA receiver design, he is currently an Adjunct Assoc. Prof. at the Australian National University and a Principal Researcher and Project leader at NICTA where he has lead a team of engineers and researchers on a research inspired commercial project. Mark pioneered the area of iterative detection techniques for WCDMA base station receivers and has more than 50 publications and eight patent applications. Mark has a mix of real-world industrial experience as well as research experience where he continues to put his techniques into practice. Recently, Mark has lead his team to realize a real-time WCDMA Femtocell modem working at RF and tested against independent equipment. This realization contains world-first advanced receiver techniques that significantly improve the uplink throughput and range. More information can be found at :>


This talk will discuss the recent realization of a real-time WCDMA femtocell modem in a FPGA and some of the challenges associated with the design. The talk will specifically discuss the challenges of supporting multiple users and multiple simultaneous tasks with an interface to a single DDR. Other challenges related to RF integration and CPU and software driver integration will be discussed. Finally video streaming and data streaming results showing the improvement in block and bit error rates running real-time against independent test equipment will be shown.