TIMA laboratory


VTS 2004 Best Paper Award

Award: Paper selected: Memory Built-in Self Repair approach for Nanotechnologies by Michael Nicolaidis, Nadir Achouri and Lorena Anghel

25-29 April 2004


DATE 2000 - CMP Design Contest Award Operational Design category Integrated circuits

Award: Design of a multi-functional intelligent therma test die/ Zs Benedek, G. Farkas, E. Kollar, L. Phl, A. Poppe & V. Székely (Budapest University, Hungary), K. Torki & S. Mir (TIMA France)

14 March 2001


DATE 2000 - Design, Automation and Test in Europe - Best Paper Award in the Test category

Award: Date in Europe 2000 Best paper presented to L. Anghel and M. Nicolaidis, TIMA, France for the paper "Cost Reduction and Evaluation of a temporary faults detecting Technique

14 March 2001


HDLCON'2000 Best paper

Award: D. Borrione, P. Georgelin, V.M. Rodrigues : "Symbolic Simulation and Verification of VHDL with ACL2" HDLCON'2000, San Jose, California, USA, March 8-10 2000 Best paper

March 8-10 2000


Electron d'Or awarded by "La revue Electronique - EDITION 2000"

Award: For the product: "Asynchronous Microprocessor Aspro" (category: processors)



IEEE Computer Society ansd TTC awards for 1999

Award: Michael Nicolaidis - For providing skilled management and technical guidance to the IEEE VLSI Test Symposium over many years



DATE'99 Best paper

Award: Date '99 Best paper presented to Issam ALZAHER-NOUFAL & Michael NICOLAIDIS, TIMA Laboratory for the paper entiltled :"A CAD Framework for Generating Self-Checking Multipliers Based on Residue Codes".

March 9-12, 1999


FDL'99 Best Poster

Award: A. Morawiec, J. Mermet: "Techniques for Improving the HDL Simulation Performance", Forum on Design Languages FDL'99, Lyon, France,

Au gust 30 -September 3 1999


BIANCHI R. - A. : Award by Schlumberger Stiching Fund

Award: BIANCHI R. - A. awarded by Schlumberger Analog integrated circuits design techniques for his results on the design of high temperature circuits systems: thesis: "high temperature applications in standard silicon technologies"