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Estimation de performance au niveau système : une ouverture à l'exploration pour le codesign

Author(s): A. Baghdadi, W. Cesario, M.Y. Teruya, T. Roudier, N.-E. Zergainoh, A. A. Jerraya

ISRN: TIMA-RR--99-07-2--FR

This article presents a high level estimation methodology. The methodology has been implemented as an extension to the Hw/Sw codesign flow. This methodology exploits the two levels of abstraction : system and RTL, and is based on an hybrid model that combines an analytical and dynamical approaches, so as to obtain an optimal compromise solution between the rapidity and the precision. The advantage is that the performance estimation can be made to an almost identical speed to the functional system validation. Consequently a great number of an architectural solutions can be explored in the initial design process. We have successfully tested our methodology on an application example