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Programming models and HW-SW Interfaces Abstraction for Multi-Processor SoC

Author(s): A. A. Jerraya, F. Pétrot, A. Bouchhima

ISRN: TIMA-RR--06/06-02--FR

For the design of classic computers the Parallel programming concept is used to abstract HW/SW interfaces during high level specification of application software. The software is then adapted to an existing multiprocessor platforms using a low level software layers that implement the programming model. Unlike classic computers, the design of heterogeneous MPSoC includes also building the processors and other kind of hardware components required to execute the software. In this case, the programming model hides both hardware and software refinements. This paper deals with parallel programming models to abstract both hardware and software Interfaces in the case of heterogeneous MPSoC design. Different abstraction levels will be needed. For the long term, the use of higher level programming models will open new vistas for optimization and architecture exploration like CPU/RTOS tradeoffs.