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Single Event Upsets Under 14-MeV Neutrons in a 28-nm SRAM-Based FPGA in Static Mode

Author(s): J.C. Fabero, H. Mecha, F. Franco, J.A. Clemente, G. Korkian, S. Rey, B. Cheymol, M. Baylac, G. Hubert, R. Velazco

Journal: IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science

Volume: 67

Issue: 7

Pages: 1461-1469

Doi : 10.1109/TNS.2020.2977874

A sensitivity characterization of a Xilinx Artix-7 field programmable gate array (FPGA) against 14.2-MeV neutrons is presented. The content of the internal static random access memories (SRAMs) and flip-flops was downloaded in a PC and compared with a golden version of it. Flipped cells were identified and classified as cells of the configuration RAM, block RAM (BRAM), or flip-flops. Single bit upsets (SBUs) and multiple cell upsets (MCUs) with multiplicities ranging from 2 to 8 were identified using a statistical method. Possible shapes of multiple events are also investigated, showing a trend to follow wordlines. Finally, MUlti-Scales Single Event Phenomena Predictive Platform (MUSCA SEP3) was used to make assessment of actual environments and an improvement of single event upset (SEU) injection test is proposed.