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Calibration of high frequency MEMS microphones and pressure sensors in the range 10 kHz–1 MHz

Author(s): S. Ollivier, P. Yuldashev, C. Desjouy, M. Karzova, E. Salze, A. Koumela, L. Rufer, P. Blanc-Benon

Journal: Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

Volume: 138

Issue: 1823

Pages: 1-2

Doi : 10.1121/1.4933787

In the context of both nonlinear acoustics, and downscaled acoustic or aero-acoustic experiments, the characterization of the high frequency response of microphones and pressure sensors remains a critical challenge. In the case of the design of new MEMS microphones and shock pressure sensors with response in the frequency range of 10 kHz–1 MHz, this question was addressed by the definition of a new calibration method based on a spark source that generates spherical weak shock acoustic pulse. Waves are short duration non-symmetric N-waves with duration of about 40 microseconds and front shock rise time of the order of 0.1 microsecond. Taking advantage of recent works on the characterization of such pressure waves using an optical interferometer, and considering non linear propagation of weak shockwaves, we were able to estimate the incident pressure wave in the range of 10 kHz–1MHz. Hence, from the output voltage of the microphones, the frequency response was obtained in this range. The method applies whatever the transduction principle and the sensor mounting. [Work supported by the French National Agency for Research (SIMI 9, ANR 2010 BLANC 0905 03, and LabEx CeLyA ANR-10-LABX-60/ANR-11-IDEX-0007).]