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On-chip sinusoidal signal generation with harmonic cancelation for analog and mixed-signal BIST applications

Author(s): M. Barragan, G. Leger, D. Vazquez, A. Rueda

Journal: Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing

Volume: 82

Issue: 1

Pages: 67-79

Doi : 10.1007/s10470-014-0456-0

This work presents a technique for the on-chip generation of analog sinusoidal signals with high spectral quality and reduced circuitry resources. The proposed generation technique consists of a modified low-order analog filter, that provides a sinusoidal output as response to a DC input, combined with a harmonic cancellation strategy to improve the linearity of the generated signal. The proposed generator has the attributes of digital programming and control, low area overhead, and low design effort, which make this approach very suitable as test stimulus generator for built-in test applications. An integrated prototype designed in a 180 nm CMOS technology is presented in order to show the feasibility of the technique. Results obtained from the prototype show a THD around −80 dB.