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Architecture description language driven design space exploration in the presence of coprocessors

Author(s): F. Rousseau, A. Nicolau, P. Mishra, N. Dutt

Doc. Source: The Tenth Workshop on Synthesis And System Integration of MIxed Technologies (SASIMI'01)

Embedded systems present a tremendous opportunity to customize designs to exploiting the application behavior. Shrinking time-to-market, coupled with short product lifetimes create a critical need for rapid exploration and evaluation of candidate System-on-Chip (SOC) architectures. Recent work on language driven Design Space Exploration (DSE) uses Architecture Description Languages (ADL) to capture the processor-memory architectures and automatically generate a software toolkit from the ADL description. We propose in this paper and ADL-based approach to explicity capture the coprocessor configuration, and perform exploration of the coprocessor architecture along with processor and memory subsystem. We present a set of experiments using the T1 C6x architectures to demonstrate the usefulness of our approach.