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Piezoelectric characterizations of piezo-electret PDMS material for energy harvesting

Author(s): A. Kachroudi, S. Basrour, L. Rufer, F. Jomni

Doc. Source: 6èmes Journées Nationales sur la Récupération et le Stockage d'Energie (JNRSE’16)

This paper reports a successful micro-fabrication process of a soft piezo-electret PDMS material. The obtained material present a very low Young’s modulus of 300kPa compared to its predecessors in the micro-sensors domain as Emfit, PEN and PVDF films. This property makes this material very useful for wearable sensors and to conform arbitrarily shaped objects. Dielectric resonance spectroscopy studies show a wide range operating temperature larger than that of the Emfit film. Besides, highly sensitive measurement of 200pC/N is demonstrated that is larger than that obtained with the Emfit film.