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Characterization of a smartphone size haptic rendering system based on thin-film ALN transduction on glass

Author(s): F. Bernard, F. Casset, J. Danel, C. Chappaz, S. Basrour

Doc. Source: 26th Micromechanics and Microsystems Europe workshop (MME'15)

Pages: 1-4

This paper presents for the first time the characterization of a smartphone-size haptic rendering system based on the friction modulation. According to previous work and finite element model, the A0 Lamb wave modes are needed to get the haptic feedback effect. The device studied consists of a thin film AlN transducers deposited on an 110×65 mm2 glass substrate. The transducer repartition on the glass slab allows a clear central area of 90×49 mm2. Electrical and mechanical parameters of the system are extracted from measurement. AlN transducers used as sensors introduce the first step to a feedback loop.