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Analog/RF test ordering in the early stages of production testing

Author(s): N. Akkouche, S. Mir, E. Simeu, M. Slamani

Doc. Source: 30th IEEE VLSI Test Symposium (VTS'12)

Publisher: IEEE

Pages: 25-30

Doi : 10.1109/VTS.2012.6231075

Ordering of analog/RF tests is important for the identification of redundant tests. Most methods for test ordering are based on a representative set of defective devices. However, at the beginning of production testing, there is little or no data on defective devices. Obtaining this data through defect and fault simulation is unrealistic for most advanced analog/RF devices. In this work, we will present a method for analog/RF test ordering that uses only data from a small set of functional circuits. A statistical model of the device under test is constructed from this data. This model is next used for sampling a large number of virtual circuits which will also include defective ones. These virtual defective circuits are then used for ordering analog/RF tests using feature selection techniques. Experimental results for an IBM RF front-end have demonstrated the validity of this technique for test grading and compaction.