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A Non-Intrusive Simulation-Based Trace System for Fine-Grain Analysis of Multiprocessor Systems-on Chips Software

Author(s): D. Hedde, F. Pétrot

Doc. Source: The System, Software, SoC and Silicon Debug Conference (S4D'10)

Publisher: ECSI

Pages: 85-90

Multiprocessor Systems-on-Chip (MPSoC) become more and more complex. Most part of the MPSoC are concerned with this evolution: number of processors, memory architecture, interconnect system, . . . Due to these complexity increases and the debugging and monitoring difficulties resulting from them, developping software targetting these platforms is very challenging. The need for methods and tools to assist the development process of the MPSoC software is mandatory. Classical debugging and profiling tools are not suited for use in the MPSoC context, because they lack adaptability and awareness of the parallelism. As simulation is today widely used in the development of a MPSoC software, we advocate the use of simulation platforms for software analysis. We present a trace system that consists in tracing hardware events that are produced by instrumentated models of multiprocessor platform components. The component models are instrumentated in a non-intrusive way so that their bahavior in simulation isn’t modified. Using this trace results allows to run precise analysis of the software that is executed on the platform.