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Fast Memory Consistency Analysis using Non-Intrusive Simulation Traces

Author(s): D. Hedde, F. Pétrot

Doc. Source: The System, Software, SoC and Silicon Debug Conference (S4D'11)

Publisher: ECSI

Pages: 17-22

The development of systems on reconfigurable hardware gets more and more complex, due to the increasing size and complexity of implementations. To dominate these, nowadays more and more developments use model-based design techniques. However, while the design is on model level, the error identification process is still mostly on signal or code level. To support the process and raise its abstraction level, in this paper we present a concept for model-based configuration and control of debugging systems on reconfigurable hardware. The concept is based on a metamodel and libraries describing a modular debugging system. An implemented integrated development environment allows assembling, configuring and code generation of the system as well as controlling during runtime on model level. The concept is demonstrated and evaluated using a reconfigurable hardware platform.