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Service Dependency Graph for HW/SW Interfaces Modeling: The Motion-JPEG Case Study

Author(s): H. Shen, F. Pétrot

Doc. Source: 7th International Conference on ASIC (Asicon’07)

Publisher: IEEE

Pages: 930-933

Doi : 10.1109/ICASIC.2007.4415784

To achieve high performance with relative low power consumption for the embedded system design, architects put more and more emphasis on the heterogeneous mul-tiprocessors SoC (MPSoC) solution. Because there are several different CPU subsystems and OS in one hetero-geneous MPSoC, it is complex and time consuming to develop the HW/SW interfaces which can meet all applications requirements. Our group introduces a service-based automatic generation process. In this process, a new model called Service Dependency Graph (SDG) is used to describe all components in HW/SW interfaces. The interface/implementation structure of the SDG makes this model flexible and accurate. The Motion-JPEG experimentation case is created to show the advantage of using SDG in building simulation models at different abstraction levels. At the end, we present how SDG can support the communication exploration.