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Recognition and evaluation of Jevons' language by composing 2-state automata

Author(s): P. Amblard

Doc. Source: ETAPS Workshop : Synchronous Language Applications Programming (SLAP'06)

Jevons' language was defined between 1865 and 1870 to describe a set of logical formulas. This language is regular, the fact was obviously not know by the author 140 years ago. We propose here an analyzer recognizing this language. It is a composition of 2-state automata. Jevons described a process of evaluation for logical problems described by formulas in the language. This evaluation can also be described by a finite state mechanism given in this paper. The evaluation is based on a synchronous cooperation of several processors. We experimented with Lustre environment to establish equivalence between two evaluatioan techniques, one of them being Jevons' one. The paper then presents historical elements about Jevons and his work.