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A CAT platform for analogue and mixed-signal test evaluation and optimization

Author(s): A. Bounceur, S. Mir, L. Rolindez, E. Simeu

Doc. Source: Digest of Papers of the IEEE European Test Symposium (ETS’06)

Publisher: IEEE

Pages: 217-222

This paper introduces a Computer-Aided- platform that has been developed for the evaluation of test for analogue and mixed-signal circuits. The CAT platform, integrated in the Cadence Design Framework Environment, tools for fault simulation, test generation and test for these types of circuits. Fault modeling and fault are simulator independent, which makes this approach with respect to past approaches. In this paper, the platform is illustrated for test optimization for the case differential amplifier. Specification-based tests are first in terms of their capability of detecting catastrophic parametric faults are considered using Monte Carlo with a new technique for estimating test metrics.