PhD Thesis

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« Exploiting Body Terminals of Transistors for Performing Post-Fabrication Tests, Run-Time Tests, and Self-Adaptive Bias in Integrated Circuits ».

Author: R. Possamai Bastos
thesis reviewer(s): E. Beigne, M. Sonza-Reorda, B. Linares-Barranco,
thesis examinator(s): R. Velazco, P. Fouillat, P. Girard , H. Stratigopoulos,
HDR Université Grenoble Alpes
Speciality: Nanoélectronique et Nanotechnologies
Defense: January 30 2018
ISBN: 978-2-11-129239-0


Ubiquitous integrated circuit applications help the humanity to rapidly evolve by supporting electronics systems that are more and more assuming autonomous functions and decisions of important responsibility for the society. In this context, dealing with security, reliability, and power issues of integrated circuits is fundamental to ensure the operation of systems within reasonable levels of privacy, safety, and energy consumption. Exploiting body terminals of transistors in CMOS technology-based systems, this work contributes with new techniques dedicated to: (a) test circuits – just after fabrication – for detecting possible hardware Trojans inserted to maliciously compromise systems; (b) test circuits on the fly for detecting transient faults provoked by radiation effects or malicious attacks; and (c) perform body bias adaptation in systems aiming to optimize speed and power but also compensate threshold voltage alterations induced by aging, process, voltage, and temperature variations. Moreover, herein, ongoing and near-future related activities and insights are discussed as potential perspectives of this work.