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« Software design for flexible radio: integration of heterogeneous computing units ».

Author: P.-H Horrein
Advisor: F. Pétrot
thesis reviewer(s): T. Risset, Ch. Moy,
These de Doctorat Université de Grenoble
Speciality: Informatique
Defense: January 10 2012
ISBN: 978-2-84813-180-1


The development of flexible radio leads to evolving wireless networks. This character- istic enables more efficient and smarter networks. Flexible radio is not a precise definition. It can be used to describe a software implementation of radio operations, as well as a hardware implementation based on configurable hardware coprocessors. It can also refer to heterogeneous implementations. It describes any implementation which can evolve. During this PhD, we focused on two different aspects of flexible radio. First, the use of graphi- cal processors for flexible radio (and especially software radio) is studied. These execution targets enable impressive performances, when studying raw attainable processing throughput, through the use of massively parallel architectures. The problem is that the data parallelism exhibited by these processors does not match the task parallelism of software radio applications. Different approaches to correct this mismatch are studied in this work. The displayed results show an improvement in the at- tainable software implementation, while letting the processor process other tasks. The other issue addressed in this work is the definition of an environment able to support dif- ferent implementation choices for flexible radio. Support for multiple implementations includes heterogeneous platforms support, as well as application management on these platforms. While this environment is still in early development stage, preliminary results demonstrate its adaptabil ity, and eases development of applications on different heterogeneous platforms.

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