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« Design of multiprocessor system on chip: link between simulation and realization ».

Author: I. Petkov
Advisor: A.-A. Jerraya
Co-advisor: P. Amblard
These de Doctorat Université Joseph-Fourier - Grenoble I
Speciality: Microélectronique
Defense: January 30 2006
ISBN: ISBN 2-84813-082-2
Pages: 162


The design of the system on chip at RTL level is no longer practical approach due to the rising complexity of the circuits. It became difficult to specify all details of the behavior of each component and to validate the entire system at RTL level. The challenge in our days for the engineers is to succeed to control the complexity when designing these systems and to speed up the design of the systems under strong quality constraints and time to market pressure. To deal with this challenge, the new methods of design are based on concepts of high-level abstraction of the system components. The goals of this thesis are to understand the difficulties of the systems on chip design starting on a high level of abstraction and to try to find methods or techniques to accelerate their development. We focused our objectives to study different methodologies for prototyping of system on chip and to study the different types of components used at different levels of abstraction and the relations between them during prototyping. The contributions of this thesis, find place in the design of heterogeneous multiprocessors systems on chip at the stage of integration of hardware and software starting from an abstract model to the prototyping of the multiprocessor system on chip.

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