TIMA is a public joint research laboratory of the CNRS, Grenoble-INP and UGA. TIMA is a multinational team, with members and interns from all over the world. the Laboratory is structured in five research teams, whose main focus of investigation is characterized as follows:



Last publications


Coelho A., Charif A., Zergainoh N.-E., Velazco R., FL-RuNS: A High Performance and Runtime Reconfigurable Fault-Tolerant Routing Schemes for Partially-Connected 3D Networks-on-Chip, IEEE transactions on Nanotechnology, Ed. IEEE, Vol. 18, pp. 806-818, DOI: 10.1109/TNANO.2019.2931271, 2019
Shah A., Cacho F., Anghel L., Aging Investigation of Digital Circuits using In-Situ Monitors, IEEE International Integrated Reliability Workshop (IIRW 2019), Stanford Sierra, Fallen Leaf Lake, UNITED STATES, 2019
Fesquet L., Decoudu Y., Iga R., Ferreira De Paiva Leite T., Rolloff O., Diallo M., Possamai Bastos R., Morin-Allory K., Engels S., A Distributed Body-Biasing Strategy for Asynchronous Circuits, 27th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI-SoC 2019), Cuzco, PERU, 2019
Silveira Feitoza R., Barragan M., Mir S., Reduced-Code Techniques for On-Chip Static Linearity Test of SAR ADCs, 27th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI-SoC), Cuzco, PERU, 2019
Possamai Bastos R., Dutertre J.M., Garay Trindade M., Andreoni Camponogara Viera R., Potin O., Rey S., Cheymol B., Baylac M., Assessment of Current Sensor on Chip for Detecting Neutron-Induced Transients via Body Terminals, Conference on Radiation Effects on Components and Systems (RADECS 2019), Montpellier, FRANCE, 2019


  • MIAI GRENOBLE ALPES - TIMA a obtenu deux chaires MIAI ...
  • Le prochain Conseil de Laboratoire aura lieu le
    27/11/2019 - de 14 h 00 à 16 h 30, Laboratoire TIMA - Salle T312, FRANCE

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  • 37th IEEE International Conference on Computer Design
    November 17-20, 2019, Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARABIAN EMIRATES
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  • The 19th International Conference on Micro and Nanotechnology ...
    December 2-6, 2019, Krakow, POLAND
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  • Asian Hardware Oriented Security and Trust Symposium
    December 10-12, 2019, Xi'an, CHINA
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PhD Thesis

  • Time-to-digital Conversion based on a Self-Timed Ring Oscillator
    A. El Hadbi
    November 20th, 2019 - 14:00, MINATEC - Amphi Z108
  • On control approaches for estimation purposes - Application to tunneling current and magnetic levitation processes
    A. Popescu
    November 25th, 2019 - 10:30, GIPSA Lab - Salle Mont-Blanc
  • Electromagnetic spectrum control of asynchronous digital circuits
    S. Germain
    November 25th, 2019 - 10:00, MINATEC - Amphi M001

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  • Winner of PhD Forum at VLSI-SoC'2019
  • Best Paper Award at DDECS'2019 (Cluj Napoca, ROMANIA)

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  • Post-doc position in digital hardware for AI (TIMA Laboratory - SLS team - 46 avenue Félix Viallet - 38031 GRENOBLE Cedex)
    September 2019, 1 year, possibly renewable 1 once
  • Research engineer position in digital hardware for ... (TIMA Laboratory - SLS team - 46 avenue Félix Viallet - 38031 GRENOBLE Cedex)
    September 2019, 1 year
  • Post-doc : Calcul embarqué pour l’imagerie hyper-spectrale (TIMA Laboratory - CDSI team - 46 avenue Félix Viallet - 38031 GRENOBLE Cedex)
    February 1st, 2020, 24 months

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