Architectures and Methods for Resilient Systems
since 2015

Research topics

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The AMfoRS team targets crucial challenges regarding resilient integrated systems. Our goal is twofold: guarantee that systems will not behave unexpectedly and ensure a substantial level of robustness and security. Our work aims at increasing the synergies between verification technologies and activities on the design and validation of reliable, safe and secure integrated systems, with a focus on digital parts.
The expected outcomes of our research include methods, tools and hardware blocks necessary to justify trust in increasingly complex integrated systems and even cyber-physical systems.
The team takes part in several scientific challenges identified not only at the laboratory level, but also in the Research "poles" of University Grenoble-Alpes (especially the MSTIC pole) and more generally at the national level (French strategic directions) and international level (in particular European H2020 priorities).

Last publications

Leveugle R., Portolan M., Di Carlo S., Savino A., Di Natale G., Bosio A., Alternatives to fault injections for early safety/security evaluations, 24th IEEE European Test Symposium (ETS 2019), Baden Baden, GERMANY, 2019
Savino A., Portolan M., Leveugle R., Di Carlo S., Approximate computing design exploration through data lifetime metrics, 24th IEEE European Test Symposium (ETS 2019), Baden Baden, GERMANY, 2019
Maistri P., Secure Test Architectures in IoT, European Nanoelectronics Applications, Design & Technology Conference (ADTC 2019), Dresden, GERMANY, Invited Talk, 2019
Skaf A., Ezzadeen M., Benabdenbi M., Fesquet L., Adjustable Precision Computing Using Redundant Arithmetic, Workshop on Approximate Computing (AxC'2019), Florence, ITALY, 2019
Savino A., Portolan M., Di Carlo S., Leveugle R., Targeting approximation through data lifetime: a quest for optimization metrics, 4th Approximate Computing Workshop (AxC 2019), Florence, ITALY, 2019
Annual activity report