Circuits, Devices and System Integration
since 2015

Research topics

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The Circuits, Devices and System Integration (CDSI) axis is involved in the design, fabrication and test of integrated devices, circuits and systems. The main driver of the activity is focused on the research in energy consumption and in miniaturized devices and systems. Results of this research are applicable for portable and autonomous systems, which usually require low-power consumption, miniaturization, robustness and security. Indeed, our digital society, which offers large communication facilities to people, tends to enlarge the communication to machines and small communicating objects such as wireless sensor nodes (Internet of Things). This will multiply by several orders of magnitude the amount of energy consumed by the digital objects and will push the industry to foster new approach for mitigating the power consumption. In this context, the CIS (Concurrent Integrated Systems) and MNS (Micro and Nano Systems) teams developed new techniques based on asynchronous circuitry, non-uniform sampling schemes, energy harvesting and low-power sensors and actuators.

Last publications

Possamai Bastos R., Exploiting Body Terminals of Transistors for Performing Post-Fabrication Tests, Run-Time Tests, and Self-Adaptive Bias in Integrated Circuits, HDR, 2018
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