International School on the Effects of Radiation on Embedded Systems for Space Applications - 8th Edition

ANSAN - South Korea
December 3rd to 6th, 2012


Courses Overview

Mission Definition and Supporting Tools


Radiation Environments & Anomalies
Alessandro Paccagnella (Univ. Padova)

Single Event Effects (SEE)
Authors: Steve Buchner (NRL, USA)

Radiation Testing and TID & SEE Facilities
Authors: Guy Berger (UCL, Belgium)

Laser Testing
Authors: Dale McMorrow (NRL, USA), Vincent Pouget (IMS, France), Pascal Fouillat (IMS, France)

SEE Hardness Assurance
Authors: Steve Buchner (NRL, USA)

COTS in space: constraints, limitations and disruptive capability
Authors: Michel Pignol (CNES, France)

SEE and TID effects and Mitigation Techniques for FPGAs
Authors: Fernanda Lima Kastensmidt (UFRGS, Brazil)

FPGA Activities at the European Space Agency
Authors: David Merodio Codinachs (ESA ETEC, The Netherland), Massimo Violante (Polito, Italy)

Local Speaker
Authors: Sang H. Baeg, (Hanyang Univ. Korea)

Software-Hardening: basic concepts
Authors: Massimo Violante (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)

System hardening and real applications
Authors: Michel Pignol (CNES, France)

SEEs in Memories: Analysis and Mitigation
Authors: Dan Alexandrescu (IROC, France)

Fault Injection Methodologies
Authors: Miguel Aguirre (Univ. Sevilla)

Visit to facility

Error rate predictions
Authors: Raoul Velazco (TIMA Lab., France)

Remote Testing experiments
Authors: Guy Berger (UCL, Belgium)
Raoul Velazco (TIMA, France)