LATW 2013

14th Latin American Test Workshop

Cordoba, Argentina, April 3rd - 5th, 2013


LATW 2013 will be held in the city of Cordoba which is called the Heartland of Argentina for its location near the geographical center of the country. LATW conferences will take place at Auditorio Diego de Torres of the UCC (Catholic University of Cordoba) one of the top ranked of Argentina, located very close to Amerian Park Hotel.

Cordoba has a strong colonial history combined with interesting native heritage and wonderful urban and natural sites that make it a privilege place for tourism. It has a lot of historical monuments that were declared Heritage of all Humanity by UNESCO. All others touristic places in Argentina, such as the Cataratas del IguazĂș, Mendoza, Calafate, Patagonia, can be very easily reached from Cordoba, by plane or any other type of transportation due to its strategic location. The aeronautic and aerospace activities are also centered in Cordoba, together with several international software and electronic industries that are continuously established there, due to the large scientific and technologic heritage, human resources and facilities available in this wonderful place.

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