July 5-7

5th IEEE International On-Line Testing Workshop

General Chairs
M. Nicolaidis,
TIMA Laboratory
A. Paschalis,
NCSR Dimokritos

Program Chairs
J. Abraham,
U. of Texas at Austin
D. Nikolos,
U. Patras

Vice-General Chair
Y. Zorian,

Vice-Program Chairs
C. Metra,
U. Bologna
D. Pradhan,
Texas A&M U.

H. Vergos,
U. of Patras

G. Alexiou,
U. of Patras

Local Arrangements
C. Halatsis,
U. of Athens

D. Gizopoulos,
NCSR Demokritos

N. Alonistioti,
NCSR Demokritos

ETTTC Liaison
C. Landrault,

Program Committee
M. Abramovici,
Lucent Technologies
L. Alkalai,
S. P. Athan,
U. South Florida
E. Boehl,
Robert Bosch GmbH
S. Bracho,
U. of Cantabria
C. Dufaza,
J. Figueras,
U. P. de Catalunya
W. K. Fuchs,
Purdue U.
M. Goessel,
Max-Plank Society
Th. Haniotakis,
J. P. Hayes,
U. of Michigan
S. Hellebrand,
U. Stuttgart
L. Impagliazzo,
Ansaldo Trasporti
A. Ivanov,
U. of Brit. Columbia
R. Iyer,
U. Illinois
D. Kagaris,
Southern Illinois U.
B. Kaminska,
R. Karri,
Lucent Technologies
K. Kuchukian,
Armenian NAS
P. K. Lala,
N. Carolina A&T St. U.
H. Levendel,
R. Leveugle,
J. C. Lo,
Rhode Island U.
E. J. McCluskey,
Stanford U.
D. Medina,
V. S. S. Nair,
South. Methodist U.
T. Nanya,
Tokyo Inst. of Techn.
A. Orailoglu,
U. of Cal. San Diego
S. Piestrak,
TU of Wroclaw
P. Prinetto,
Pol. Torino
E. Simeu,
TIMA Laboratory
A. D. Singh,
Auburn U.
S. Sogomonyan,
Rus. A. of Sc.
M. Sonza Reorda,
Pol. Torino
C. E. Stroud,
U. Kentucky
V. Székely,
TU of Budapest
F. Vargas,
R. Velazco,
TIMA Laboratory
H. J. Wunderlich,
U. Stuttgart

Call For Participation

The increased complexity of electronic systems has seen increasing reliability needs in various application domains as well as pressure for low cost products. There is a Corresponding increased demand for cost-effective on-line test techniques. These needs will increase dramatically in the near future, since very deep submicron and nanometer technologies will impact adversely noise margins and make mandatory integrating on-line in all ICs. This year the workshop theme is "On-line Testing to Rescue Very Deep Submicron Scaling". The workshop is also emphasizing on on-line testing in the continuous operation of large applications such as wired, cellular and satellite telecommunication. The Workshop is sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society Test Technology Technical Committee (TTTC), co-organized by the TTTC On-line Testing TAC and the European Group of TTTC (ETTTC).
The topics include (but are not limited to) the following ones:

  • Shoft-error issues in very deep submicron
  • On-line testing in the continuous operation of large applications
  • Concurrent checking
  • Periodic testing in the field
  • Field Diagnosis
  • Self-Checking digital, analog and mixed-signal circuits
  • Coding theory
  • On-line and Off-line BIST
  • Synthesis of on-line testable circuits
  • Radiation hardened/tolerant processes and design techniques
  • On-line monitoring of current, temperature and other reliability indicators
  • Fault-tolerant and fail-safe systems
  • On-line testing in automotive, railway, avionics, industrial control and space applications

Interested authors should submit an extended abstract or a full length paper, including a title page with name, address, phone, fax and e-mail of the contact author. Electronic submissions in PDF, Postscript (large Postscript files should be compressed and uuencoded), or Microsoft Word for Windows, are encouraged. Hard copy submissions will also be accepted.
Electronic submissions should be send to:
For hardcopy submissions please send 5 copies to the Program Co-Chair D. Nikolos, to the address specified below.

Please observe the following deadlines:

- submission deadline: March 1, 1999

- notification of acceptance: April 20, 1999


Dimitris Nikolos
Dept. Comp. Eng. & Informatics
University of Patras
26500 Patras,
Tel.: +30 61 997-752
Fax: +30 61 991-909

General Information:

Antonis Paschalis
NCSR "Demokritos"
Aghia Paraskevi
153 10, Athens
Tel: +30 1 65 03 156
Fax: +30 1 65 32 175
Michael Nicolaidis
46 Av. Félix Viallet
38031 Grenoble
Tel.: +33 4 76 57 46 19
Fax: +33 4 76 47 38 14

About "Rhodos": The island has a unique physical scenery that does not stop to impress its visitors, a climate with more sunbathed days than any other place in Europe and the cleanest beaches in the European Union. The city of Rhodos combines the cosmopolitan character of a contemporary city with the picturesquenes of the medieval town. The island has many important archeological sites, evidence of a history of over three thousand years, including Kamiros, Ialissos and Lindos, that united in the 5th century B.C. to found the powerful city-state of Rhodos.
The international airport is connected with 4 to 5 regular daily flights to Athens. During the summer there are also regular international flights to and from Italy, England and Germany. There is also a big number of chartered flights to and from all around the world.

Web Site:

US participants may contact:

Jacob Abraham
Tel: +1 512 4718983
Fax: +1 512 471 8967

 for any additional information.

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