Call for Participation

1st IEEE International On-Line Testing Workshop

Novotel Nice Centre, Nice, France July 4-5, 1995

The increased complexity of electronic systems has seen increasing reliability needs in various application domains as well as pressure for low cost products. There is a corresponding increased demand for cost-effective on-line test techniques. This workshop will create a forum to discuss all aspects of on-line testing. To be held annually at different sites, the Workshop is sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society Test Technology Technical Committee, co-organized by TTTC On-line Testing Technical Activity Committee and the European Test Technology Technical Committee (ETTTC).
The topics include (but are not limited to) the following ones:

* Concurrent checking
* Periodic testing in the field
* Field diagnosis
* Self-checking digital, analog and mixed-signal circuits
* Coding theory
* On-line and off-line BIST
* Synthesis of on-line testable circuits
* Radiation hardened/tolerant processes and design techniques
* Sensors/detectors for on-line monitoring of current, temperature and other reliability relevant parameters
* Fault-tolerant and fail-safe systems
* On-line testing in automotive, railway, avionics, industrial control and space applications

To encourage and facilitate informal discussion mandates that participation be limited. Those interested in presenting recent results at the workshop submit three copies of an extended abstract, one to three pages long, to the Program Chair. Please observe the following deadlines:

- submission deadline: March 24th, 1995
- notification of acceptance: April 24th, 1995

Submit proposals to:               General Information:

Dhiraj K. Pradhan Michael Nicolaidis Dept. Comp. Science Reliable Int. Systems Group Texas A&apm;M University TIMA College Station 46 Av. Félix Viallet TX 77843-3112, USA 38031 Grenoble, France Tel:+1 409 862 2438 Tel: +33 4 76 57 46 19 Fax:+1 409 862 2758 Fax: +33 4 76 47 38 14

Organization Committee

General Chair Program Chair M. Nicolaidis, TIMA/INPG D. Pradhan, Texas A&M U.

Vice-General Chair Publicity Y. Zorian, AT&T Bell Labs R. Velazco, LGI/INPG

Local Arrangements ETTTC Liaison B. Rouzeyre,LIRMM C. Landrault, LIRMM

Program Committee

J. A. Abraham, U. of Texas R. Leveugle, CSI/INPG E. Boehl, Robert Bosch GmbH J.C. Lo, Rhode Island U. B. Bose, Oregon State U. F. Lombardi, Texas A&M U. J. Bruck, Cal Tech L. Grobelny, Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden D. C. Bossen, IBM E.J. McCluskey, Stanford U. W. Debaney, Rome Lab. RL/ERDA T. Nanya, Tokyo Inst. of Techn. A. Fernandes, UFMG, Brazil A. Osseiran, EPFL J. Figueras, U. P. de Catalunya A. Paschalis, NCSR Demokritos M. Goessel, Max-Plank Society S. J. Piestrak, Tech. U. of Wroclaw S. Gupta, USC P. Prinetto, Politecnico di Torino N. Jha, Princeton U. T.R.N. Rao, U. SW Louisiana M. G. Karpovsky, Boston U. S. M. Reddy, Iowa U. O. Kebichi, TIMA/INPG F. Simon, Alcatel Alsthom Rech. P.K. Lala, N. Carolina A&T State U. A.D. Singh, Auburn U. J. Stiffler, Sequoia Systems E. S. Sogomonyan, Russian Academy of Science U. Sparman, U. of Saarlandes


Test Technology Technical Committee