ASYNC 2006

12th IEEE International Symposium on Asynchronous Circuits and Systems

March 13-15, 2006, Grenoble, France
Practical Information
Climate: march is usually a cloudy month with an average temperature of 11 - 13°C (min -2°C and max 23°C° in march 2005).
However, the organisers have negotiated perfect weather conditions ...
Time Zone: European summer time (GMT + 1).
Electricity: standard European type 2 pin round sockets with 220 Volts, 50Hz are used.
Currency and Value Added Tax (VAT): the French national currency is the Euro (€).
France has a Value Added Tax called T.V.A (19.6%) that is included in the price of all goods and services. Visitors are entitled to claim this tax back on purchases made over a certain amount, upon or after leaving the country.
Tips: tips in restaurants, hotels and taxis are not usual; they are included in the cost.
Banks: banks are usually open from Monday to Friday from 09h00-16h00. Some banks are closed on Monday and some are open on Saturday.
Emergency calls: in case of emergency, dial 18 for Fire or Accident and 15 for Medical Help (SAMU).
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